Staying fresh with Fedora

My workplace work stations just upgraded to Fedora with GNOME 3. Suddenly my private laptop with Ubuntu and Unity/ KDE felt out of date, until now I've been using Xfce 4 and KDE 4 at work intermittently, keeping me feeling efficient and familiar.

I still ran Ubuntu 14.10 on my Lenovo Carbon X1 laptop — these last months I had mostly drifted into Windows 10 — and when looking into Ubuntu 15.04 I did not get the usual exciting feel of "new OS". Canonical does not seem overly interested in desktop at the moment. I just wanted to play around with KDE Plasma desktop 5 since it looks gorgeous and decided to go all the way and change distribution as well.

A few minutes with Fedora on an USB, with all devices on the laptop working from the get-go and a quick test of the packet manager, I was ready to switch.

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Evil Dr.M

In honour of the International Day Against DRM I had to write a small post. The very first thing that pops into my head when I think of this is Dr.M which in my mind looks exactly like Dr.Robotinik from the Sonic franchise. An evil force subverting the world to his own agenda.

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Greeting the Singularity

Artificial intelligence is here, the question is where is it going? In several articles and podcasts I have found the term the Singularity. This is either when AI for the first time supersedes the intelligence of the human minds who created it, or when for the first time a human mind is uploaded into transistors. Both events are game changers for the human race.

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Why I suddenly hate my iPad

I don't actually hate it, I have been quite fond of it for a couple of years now, and suddenly find it displeasing. It's been a nagging feeling for some months now and when I found that a friend of mine had the exact same experience, I decided to vent my feelings.

This reeks of sinister planning on Apple's behalf, in some executive meeting my iPad was nerfed. And ever since the last iOS update my beloved iPad mini has felt sluggish.

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Windows or Microsoft Account?

I have no problem with the concept of a Microsoft Account, my problem is with the way the company has chosen to implement it. In fact my views of Microsoft is positive enough for me to want such an account. So where did they fail, and get me both irritated and frustrated?

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Welcome to my thoughts

I have never liked the idea of publishing a diary online. Even though I have created web pages since the start of this millennium, the thought of publishing a blog has not been appealing to me. This same conviction has made me resist maintaining a presence on Facebook and its similar sites.

Eventually however everyone bites the dust... I must admit to having a presence on Facebook, Google+, flickr, twitter and even other places today. Albeit my posts are few and far between, they are mine and express my opinions. So I have decided to own it, and publish my own blog on my own site, like it's 1999!

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