Welcome to my thoughts

I have never liked the idea of publishing a diary online. Even though I have created web pages since the start of this millennium, the thought of publishing a blog has not been appealing to me. This same conviction has made me resist maintaining a presence on Facebook and its similar sites.

Eventually however everyone bites the dust... I must admit to having a presence on Facebook, Google+, flickr, twitter and even other places today. Albeit my posts are few and far between, they are mine and express my opinions. So I have decided to own it, and publish my own blog on my own site, like it's 1999!

Reading the XKCD comic (No. 1367) I got a sudden inspiration for my first blog post. We are moving towards a future where installing programs/ apps/ systems/ plumbing is reduced to clicking once on an icon, or possibly twice if there's an user agreement. My generation might be the last to reminisce over spending time installing the applications we need or want to use.

This said, I don't miss the time spent creating special boot disks to attempt to create enough free memory for a game to run. Or having a stack of 8 CD's during an installation, but these skills are now not needed for the normal (common) user.

Solving tasks online however requires the presence of good explanations available for search. So after solving difficult questions, you can publish your findings for other people to use. Saving them lots of trouble getting there themselves. Unless it's a patentable idea of course, then you should keep it all to yourself, and only on paper until you can send it to the patent office.


The perhaps biggest abundance of topics are within the field of computing/ coding. Code by coders, for coders. The internet is however in 2015 also full of other normal boring people, not just hackers. My contribution will not be by writing beautiful and efficient code, but rather to explain how I understand topics and how I got to this understanding.

That means the topics covered will be widely different, and both extremely interesting and mind numbingly boring to you and your neighbour. Every now and then I reserve the right to be sarcastic and mean. View this as a disclaimer, the things I write are for you to read or ignore at your own peril and pleasure.