Will Cortana accept foreigners' English?

Watching the Windows 10 demo, and Joe dictating to Cortana effortlessly, I feel a bit envious. I know I will be geographically discriminated, despite having a rudimentary grasp of English, just for living in a non-English nation.

The Queen's English, Oxford English, American English, Creole... it's all language and and it's native speakers might claim to speak English. The privlege of adressing Cortana, or other Microsoft services, by voice is however region based. If you happen to live in a region that has a different language by default, the service might be discontinued alltogether.

I can understand that having voice activated services in the native tongue of a region, has value. I cannot understand removing the choice of the user to still speak English. This simply does not make sense to me, it is a statement against migration. Native English speakers moving to a region is forced to stop using a service or to become liars.

Region lying

Lying about which region of the world you're currently in, has become something of a common sport. To access the content you want to see, even content you are paying for, you might have to play around in region settings. At least this is part of everyday life outside the United States. Geeks and their mothers are happily flipping switches, in terrible user interfaces, to achieve this.

Interfaces is a clue here. Microsoft has a tradition for delivering user interfaces in many regional languages. Choosing interface language is on some devices (like the Xbox) not a separate choice, choice of region equals your choice of interface language and restrictions. While Cortana doesn't speak one regions language, her voice features will simply be disabled.

Any U.S. citizen moving to work abroad (even Microsoft employees) are forced to "stay in the U.S. region", to continue using the same features. Which is stupid, and stops them from accessing resources made available in said region. Their ability to speak English, and gain value from reading text aloud to Cortana, does not magically disappear when they cross a border.

Companies in general should encourage their user base to be truthful. This includes allowing them to state their actual location and region affinity, without fear of this preventing them from accessing language specific services. Simply allowing an option, to break the connection between region and preferred language, even if this is not set as default, is useful. I want the choice.